Ever wonder why… Dogs chew?

All dogs have a natural urge to chew. This is an inborn, ingrained trait that will accompany your pup throughout its life. Let’s learn some more about why dogs chew.

  1. Investigation: Dogs are curious. They are constantly learning about the world around them. Like with small babies, dogs explore with their mouths. This type of chewing will be most pronounced when going to a new place with your pup or soon after adoption. Your dog is learning its new surroundings through chewing.
  2. Discomfort: Dogs react to discomfort by chewing. Most common is with young pup who are teething as their baby teeth come in and then again as their adult teeth erupt through their gums. This is very painful for dogs and they will chew on anything and everything to alleviate this discomfort.
    In older dogs, this natural urge to chew is very healthy. It strengthens their jaws and keeps their teeth healthy as they rub and scrape against different surfaces.
  3. Entertainment: Chewing is an activity for your pooch. Many dogs resort to gnawing when experiencing anxiety or frustration. This is common when dogs are first getting used to their owners leaving the house for long periods of time. Separation anxiety and boredom can easily bring on destructive chewing. Dogs find the chewing action to be soothing and calming; as well as stimulating when bored.
    Don’t forget, dogs also love to eat! Gnawing on their favorite treat is often your pup’s calmest, happiest time of the day!

So yes, your dog gnaws..and chews…and gnaws some more! It’s natural and it’s normal and it’s telling you something about your dog’s world.