About Jack&Pup

Grass Fed Beef

100% Digestible

Loads Of Fun

High Protein Low Fat

Ideal For Dental Health

Treats by Meat Experts & Dog Lovers

If dogs could talk, they’d say, “We love you Jack&Pup!”

We had a dream…

Jack&Pup was started by meat experts and dog lovers who wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when it came to our four-legged best friends. We made it our mission to figure out how to source and produce the highest quality dog treats, treats that we would be proud to serve the furry members of our families.

It’s important to us to source our ingredients responsibly from suppliers who share our commitment to quality. We create all-natural, first-rate treats and chews – in fact, many of our treats come from just one-single ingredient, like 100% grass-fed beef muscle.

And we make sure our Pups will be happy too! We use refined processes like slow roasting and smoking to deliver rich meaty flavors in treats that are 100% digestible and will never splinter the way rawhide chews do.

We love a challenge. That’s why we promise nothing less than top-rated treats with a customer experience that will make you feel like family.

From our family to yours – because all Pups are family too!

We Believe in Treats That Are Healthy and All-Natural

Here at Jack&Pup, we guarantee our chews and treats will be safe and healthy. Many of our treats are made of just one single all-natural ingredient, like 100% premium beef. You can be sure there’s no artificial ingredients, no hormones, no antibiotics, no chemicals – just all-natural goodness you can be proud to give your Pup!

Our treats come with a promise to fully satisfy your Pup’s natural need to chew. And we make sure our fully digestible treats will support your Pup’s health while also tasting delicious. 

We Are Committed to Premium Ingredients

We take our high-quality standards seriously.

At Jack&Pup, we only source from responsible suppliers, those who raise animals that are hormone-free, grass-fed, and free range. Most of our treats are made from just one single ingredient.

While other companies may make dog treats using chemical compounds and artificial substances, we only sell treats and chews that are all-natural and healthy. 

Our Customers Are Our Family

You’re part of our family, just like our Pups! So, we want to make sure you are always satisfied.

If there’s ever anything we can do to improve your treats, please reach out right away. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to help make things right.

To find out more, check out our FAQ.

Noah L.

My maltipom pup absolutely loves these joint health sticks. He turns down all other treats and

wants these!

Ava B.

My 2 boys love these treats, and I like the benefits of giving it to them.

Emma S.

Pumpkin absolutely loves them and I love that they're completely digestible. Another bonus is that they don't have the severe odor.

Alexander R.

Jack&Pup products are amazing.

Jayden F.

When we say bedtime and get out one of the chew sticks (a nightly ritual) she beats us to the crate and seems quite happy to settle down with her snack. 

Noah L.

When we say bedtime and get out one of the chew sticks (a nightly ritual) she beats us to the crate and seems quite happy to settle down with her snack.